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Clearance & BrickSeek

What apps or websites do you use to find these amazing deals?

I use the Walmart app & Brickseek.com together to find most of the deals I share with my followers.

What is Brickseek?

BrickSeek.com is a inventory checker tool and website that can be used in either of the 2 following ways: Premium Access or Extreme Access: Discover premium member deals that are exclusive to a paid membership on the BrickSeek.com website. Free Access: Discover limited, but still great deals at not only Walmart, but also Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and more.

I find the products from your featured deals, but they ring up regular price! Why?

This could be for a number of reasons but the main reason is that although you think you found the right product, you might have found a new version of the product. The only way to confirm you have the right product is by matching the UPC from the box to the one on BrickSeek. Make sure that the UPC on the item in store exactly matches the UPC that is shown on BrickSeek. Oftentimes, a new model of an item can look identical to the previous (and marked down) version. If the UPC is off by even one digit, the inventory counts and pricing could be different than what you saw on BrickSeek.

Why does the Walmart app show one price and another at store checkout?

This happend most of the time because the Walmart is glitching, the true price of the item is whatever it scans at checkout or at the In-Store scanners. You can always try to pricematch the app with a manager but each store may vary!

My store said "In Stock" but I didnt find anything! Why?

When it comes to these deals its always YSMV (Your Store May Vary). There might be a number of reasons why you cant find a deal including theft, lost or misplaced in the store, broken items that were return or thrown away, recently bought and out of stock and the list goes on. When this happens the invenotry count will be wrong.

What is Limited Stock?

When it says Limited Stock it usally means they might have 1 or none left. Also, be aware that if they do have any left especially in electronics it might be a display model! Walmart reserves the right to not sell display models.

Will Walmart sell me a display model?

This all depends on your specific store and manager. Every store is different and even each manager or supervicors my difer in the same store.

What coupon or discount do i use at checkout?

These are clearance deals no coupons or discounts apply at checkout.

My store has a different price than yours! Why?

Clearance deals are different in each store. This is why you need to check BrickSeek.com for your specific store pricing and avaibility.

Why does your Walmart app turn yellow?

The Walmart app changes color to yellow when you are in the store! You will see at the stop that says "Assistant Manager" when you walk into a Walmart.

Why does the Walmart app say a different price or full price?

This might be because you are not "In Store" mode on the Walmart app or your specific store might not have that item on clearance.

How can I confirm pricing?

You can confirm pricing by scanning the item on the Walmart app "Store Mode", using the in-store scanners or at the register. Note* the Walmart app although rare might show the wrong price.

What kind of deals do you find?

Al find a bit of everytype of deals both in-store and online but i mostly find Walmart clearance deals!

Whats clearance?

Clearance is a discount sale of inventory to get rid of superfluous stock because its a discontinued item, being replaced by a newer model, overstock etc.

Can I price match to BrickSeek?

BrickSeek cannot be used to price match. BrickSeek is a third-party application, and stores will not consider the inventory information you find there as a basis for price matching.